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Qin Jingteng, member of the Standing Committee of Guangming District, visited Youbao

Time:2019-10-17 14:35:00 Browse:36 Editor:Youbao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  On the afternoon of October 16, 2019, Qin Jingteng, member of the Standing Committee of Guangming District, and related personnel from the United Front Work Department of the District Committee, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Matian Sub-district Office and the Matian Community Enterprise Service Center visited Youbao New Materials for investigation and inspection to understand the development of the company and listen to it. Business demands. The chairman of the company Yue Fengshu gave a report on the development of Youbao to the Qin Standing Committee.

  Member of the Standing Committee of Qin and his party held a symposium with the company's senior management. At the meeting, R&D director Li Shicheng introduced the development of the company’s products, and Dr. Yang Bin, assistant to the general manager, reported on the progress of the company’s cooperation projects with the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology and the transformation of scientific research results in recent years. Standing Committee Member Qin expressed his approval And expressed strong support. Standing Committee Member Qin asked about the problems that enterprises need to be resolved by the government in their production and operation and their opinions on the work of Matian Office’s corporate services. Standing Committee Qin stated that Youbao New Materials, as a key enterprise in Guangming District, will be focused on by all levels of party committees and governments and relevant departments. Support, such as any difficulties encountered by the enterprise in the development process, will be actively coordinated to solve. Finally, Member Qin encouraged Ubao New Materials to continue to innovate boldly in new business forms and new models, strengthen product research and development, and continue to make the company stronger and bigger.

  Standing Committee Member Qin affirmed the truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude of Youbao New Materials, and believed that the products developed by Youbao not only have good economic benefits, but also have outstanding social benefits. He hoped that Youbao will continue to develop and grow.