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  • 2019

    Obtained "Guangdong Province Advanced Lubrication and Protection Material Engineering Technology Research Center"

  • 2018

    Ubao New Materials won the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification"

    Ubao New Materials obtained the "IATF 16949:2016 System Certification" certificate

  • 2017

    Ubao New Materials was successfully selected as "Shenzhen Top 100 Independent Innovation Small and Medium Enterprises"

    The company officially changed its name to "Shenzhen Youbao New Material Technology Co., Ltd."

  • 2016

    February 2016 Won the "Most Investment Value Enterprise" in Shenzhen's New Materials Industry

  • 2015

    In September 2015, it was ranked 49th in the "Top 100 Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China", the leader in the specialty grease industry

    September 2015 Obtained the authorization letter from McXyney and the right to use the service agent

    In June 2015, the "R&D and industrialization of high thermal conductivity silicone grease for LED packaging" project passed the acceptance of the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology

    In April 2015, the "R&D of environmentally friendly plant-derived lubricants" project passed the acceptance of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission

  • 2014

    In July 2014, it passed the “2013 Guangdong Contract-abiding and Credit-keeping Enterprise” publicity

    In May 2014, became the vice president unit of Shenzhen New Materials Industry Association

  • 2013

    In October 2013, the invention patent "thermal conductive silicone grease composition" was authorized

    In October 2013, became a qualified supplier of Panasonic

    October 2013 Become a qualified supplier of Mattel

    In October 2013, it passed the “2012 Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise” publicity

    In September 2013, it was included in the Shenzhen talent settlement pilot enterprise

    In August 2013, the marketing website was launched, www.chinaeubo.com

    In August 2013, the invention patent "Electrical contact lubricant composition suitable for high voltage and high current" was authorized

    In May 2013, became the deputy director unit of Shenzhen Cerui New Material Innovation Center

    In April 2013, became the executive director unit of Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Innovation Promotion Association

    April 2013 Successfully implemented ERP and CRM

    March 2013 Successfully developed a Japanese customer distributor: Youzhi Electronics Co., Ltd.

    In February 2013, "EUBO Youbao" successfully registered Korean trademark

    In January 2013, the first independent invention patent "a method for preparing lithium iron phosphate/carbon nanotube composite material" was authorized

    In January 2013, "EUBO Youbao" was recognized as "Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province"

    In January 2013, it passed ISO/TS16949 automotive industry quality management system certification & QC080000 hazardous substance process management certification

    In January 2013, the new version of the website was launched, www.euboltd.com

  • 2012

    In November 2012, "EUBO Youbao" successfully registered Taiwan trademark, registration number: 01546814

    In October 2012, the "R&D of environmentally friendly plant-derived lubricants" was selected as the Shenzhen Strategic Emerging Industry Development Project

    In October 2012, it became the executive director unit of Shenzhen New Materials Industry Association

    In October 2012, Wuhan branch was established

    In October 2012, successfully developed the electronic coating agent Conformal Coating

    In September 2012, it passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

    August 2012 "EUBO Youbao" successfully registered a Japanese trademark, registration number: 5515150

    In July 2012, the “Research and Industrialization of High Thermal Conductivity Silicone Grease for LED Packaging” was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

    In July 2012, passed the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification

    In July 2012, Ubao New Materials International Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan

    In July 2012, Chongqing and Shanghai branches were established

    In May 2012, won the honorary title of "Guangdong Province 2011 Contract Abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise"

    May 2012 Become a member unit of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association

    In April 2012, became a member unit of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association

    In April 2012, the corporate marketing center was moved to the central area of Qianhai, Shenzhen

    In January 2012, the National Laboratory Accreditation (CNAS) project was officially introduced

  • 2011

    In September 2011, the ISO/TS16949&QC080000 system certification project was officially launched

    In July 2011, the "System Marketing Consulting Management Project" was officially introduced

    In June 2011, the "Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute, Production-University-Research Cooperation Base" was established

  • 2010

    In November 2010, became the executive vice president unit of the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province

    In October 2010, became a member of Shenzhen New Materials Industry Association

    In August 2010, became the governing unit of Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Association

    In June 2010, the 400 national unified service hotline was officially opened

    In April 2010, the marketing center was officially established

  • 2009

    In December 2009, EUBO "Lubricant" won the honorary title of "China Green Products"

    September 2009 Passed ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system certification

    In September 2009, passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification

    July 2009 Became a member of Shenzhen Anti-Counterfeiting Association

    In June 2009, more than 9,000 corporate customers served

    In April 2009, some products passed 7P certification

    March 2009 Won the title of "Excellent Member" of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association

  • 2008

    In December 2008, some products passed REACH certification

    In September 2008, the company officially changed its name to "Shenzhen Youbaohui New Material Technology Co., Ltd."

    In April 2008, a successful member of Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce (Federation of Industry and Commerce)

    February 2008 Some products passed the Halogen Free certification

    In January 2008, some products passed PFOS certification

  • 2007

    August 2007 Successfully developed dry film oil and fluorine grease

    In January 2007, some products passed the certification of sulfur-free and silicon

  • 2006

    More than 5,000 corporate customers served

  • 2005

    Obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification

  • 2004

    In April 2004, all products passed RoHS certification

    March 2004 Obtained the People's Republic of China Import and Export Enterprise Qualification Certificate

    In January 2004, some products passed EN71 certification

    In January 2004, some products passed ASTM F963 certification

    In January 2004, some products passed the U.S. NSF food grade lubricant certification

  • 2003

    More than 1,000 corporate customers served

  • 2002

    Registered trademark "EUBO优宝", registration number: 1692232

  • 2000

    Established Shenzhen Youbaohui Trading Co., Ltd.