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As a key component of the seat, the car seat slide rail protects the slide rail and avoids corrosion

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  As a key component of the seat, the car seat slide rail is the fixing device, adjusting device and locking device of the car seat. The slide rail is usually made of high-strength steel laser welding, and is generally composed of an upper slide, a lower slide, a sliding adjustment mechanism, a locking mechanism (manual slide) and an unlocking mechanism. Common sliding adjustment mechanisms mainly include slide rail type, slider type, slide bar type, rack and pinion type and screw type.

  In the seat safety performance index: the slide rail should be able to be used in the temperature range of -40 to 90. The slide rail will come into contact with water, dust, soil and other substances during use. The load on the slide rail is not high. Car seat sliding rail grease is coated on the sliding rail mating surface, used for the lubrication of the seat sliding rail, reducing the wear of the sliding rail, keeping the sliding rail in the sliding process, and protecting the sliding rail , To avoid corrosion.

  The main performance requirements for car seat slide rail grease are:

  (1) Excellent low temperature performance. It can pass the -40 low temperature environment test to ensure that the seat slide can be used normally in severe cold weather conditions;

  (2) Excellent colloidal stability, the sliding rail grease will not be lost during use, will not dry, and no oil stains can flow out and pollute the floor;

  (3) Excellent lubrication performance The sliding rail grease should have a certain lubrication performance and load-bearing capacity to ensure the smooth movement of the seat back and forth;

  (4) Excellent anti-corrosion performance The slide rail will not rust after long-term use, and it can prevent the moisture immersed in the slide rail from being absorbed into the grease;

  (5) Good adhesion performance to ensure that the grease can adhere to the slide rail;

  (6) Safety and environmental protection requirements The sliding rail grease must be non-toxic, low-odor, not harmful to the human body, and not polluting the environment;

  (7) Life-time lubrication slides do not need to be supplemented with lubricant during use, so the slide rail grease is required to meet the requirements of life-long lubrication of the slides.

  Combining the working conditions of the slide rail and its requirements for grease, the consistency of the slide rail grease should be slightly thicker, so that it can meet the life-long lubrication requirements and have a better sealing effect, so as to prevent the mixing of moisture, dust and other impurities. The load carried by the slide rail is relatively small. You can choose a grease with a short soap fiber structure and a medium viscosity of the base oil.

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