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Transmission gear oil makes it run more smoothly, while also playing the role of reducing wear, anti-rust, heat dissipation and cleaning

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  Many car owners feel that the transmission does not require maintenance because it has never had a problem. No problem does not mean that the transmission needs maintenance. Like other parts of the vehicle, the transmission also needs regular maintenance.

  The main function of transmission gear oil is to provide sufficient lubrication protection for the gears and bearings in the transmission, making it run more smoothly, and at the same time reduce wear, rust resistance, heat dissipation and cleaning.

  During the use of the transmission, the performance of the gear oil will gradually decrease, and there will be a certain amount of loss, so the transmission gear oil needs to be checked and replaced regularly. Due to the difference in structure between automatic transmission and manual transmission, maintenance items and cycles will be slightly different.

  When the vehicle is running, the high-speed rotation of the gears in the transmission will not only increase the oil temperature, but also deposit metal debris from gears, bearings and other components in the gear oil. With the increase of use time, these metal chips and high temperature environment will cause the gear oil to deteriorate. The deteriorated gear oil will not only fail to play its due role, but will also affect the normal use of the transmission. Metal chips can also aggravate the wear of gears and bearings and cause transmission failure.

  How often is the gear oil changed?

  1、Generally speaking, the gear oil should be replaced every 60,000 kilometers, which can also effectively improve the efficiency of gear transmission of engine power.

  2、Selection of viscosity when changing oil Viscosity is the most basic selection factor of gear oil. If the viscosity is selected too high, the friction surface will be overheated and unnecessary power loss will be caused. If the viscosity is selected too low, the oil will be thrown off the tooth surface due to centrifugal force, which will easily cause oil seal leakage, which may be on the gear surface The formation of oil-lean lubrication will increase wear and even cause sintering. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable viscosity.

  3、In order to prevent the tooth surface from scratching, peeling, and sintering caused by high stress when gears are in contact, gear oils with good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties must be selected to maintain appropriate load-bearing properties. Therefore, users must not add other oils such as internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil, etc. into the gear box when choosing oils, so as to avoid insufficient extreme pressure anti-wear performance and damage to the gears.

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