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EUBO participated in the 2017 &quot;Auto Olympics&quot;-Frankfurt Exhibition

Time:2017-11-29 17:55:00 Browse:30 Editor:Youbao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  The Frankfurt Exhibition, which enjoys the reputation of "Auto Olympics", was held from November 29th to December 2nd at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. Naturally, there is no shortage of the latest products from major brands in the auto show. As a supplier of automotive parts grease, EUBO also brought its latest innovative technologies and products to the Frankfurt exhibition, and displayed related solutions, making it unique.


  The picture shows the EUBO exhibition in Frankfurt

  EUBO's innovative technology products focus on high temperature, high speed, high load, long life, low noise, water resistance, sealing, lubrication, etc., with deep technology accumulation and industry application experience. In order to improve the stability of product quality and environmental protection, we have been committed to researching and developing greener, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and low-carbon products for many years.


  The picture shows customers visiting consulting products

  During this year's Frankfurt exhibition, EUBO presented innovative solutions and products of its three core businesses. Among them, "nano waterproofing agent" and "functional coating" are particularly worthy of attention.

  The technology and innovation of nano waterproofing agent can waterproof the surface of plastic, metal, glass and other materials, which can greatly improve the surface energy of the material and make it have a good waterproof effect, thereby avoiding or reducing the damage of parts.

  The functional coating realizes the wear-resisting, anti-corrosion, and lubrication effects of metal parts such as fasteners, seals, and structural parts. At the same time, it increases the service life of the parts and reduces the cost of repair and maintenance.

  During the exhibition, the company also learned about the latest market situation in the lubrication industry, the company leaders and experts came to the scene, welcome to communicate and discuss with customers.