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2016 Ubao Grease once again appeared at Frankfurt Exhibition

Time:2016-12-02 17:25:00 Browse:23 Editor:Youbao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  From November 30 to December 3, 2016, Frankfurt Exhibition will be held in Shanghai. The exhibition is divided into four major sectors: auto parts, supplies and modification, repair and maintenance, electronics and systems, which fully cover the industry chain, bringing together new energy and intelligent networks The display of hotspots and bright spots in the transition period of the market such as Lianhe and commercial vehicles fully reflects the automotive market ecosystem. At the same time, many high-quality forums, seminars and other activities set off a huge wave of information, creating a grand platform for industry information exchange. Ubao Grease once again appeared at the Frankfurt exhibition. Compared with the products we showed at the exhibition last year, this year has made a new breakthrough.


  After a year of accumulation and precipitation of Ubao, the automotive lubrication products we exhibited this year have become more perfect in terms of product performance and product types. The main ones are: dry film oil, nano waterproofing agent , Oil-free grease, noise reduction silicone grease, ball grease, plastic grease, valve grease, contact grease, damping grease, low temperature grease, anti-wear grease, molybdenum disulfide lubrication, etc., attracting many The great attention of customers at home and abroad has become a highlight of the lubricant products at this Frankfurt exhibition.


  We have not only made new breakthroughs in products, but also new innovations in production technology; in terms of grease, organic fluorine silicon and functional coatings, we have accumulated profound technical and industry application experience, which can be used in High speed, high load, high temperature, low temperature, low noise, water resistance, sealing, anti-corrosion, lubrication and other working conditions. These products can not only be well applied in the field of automotive lubrication, but also suitable for the application of more product parts!


  In this year, UBO has demanded a wider lubrication market, not only on the domestic market, but also on the international market. It is truly in line with international standards. Some of our products have passed the US NSF food grade lubrication. Oil certification, and meet the relevant standards of the US FDA. Received international recognition!

  Through the appearance of Ubao at the Frankfurt exhibition, it is technically leading the benchmark of the entire lubrication industry. During the exhibition, the company also learned the latest market situation of the lubrication industry, and at the same time realized the consolidation of old customers and attracting new customers. , Find potential customers, save costs, save time and other basic marketing goals. Through this exhibition, you can quickly grasp the latest information about the industry and competitors!